Sardana, a traditional street dance

By Anna Chalons The sardana is another well-known Catalan tradition. The dance was originally from the Empordà region( in the north), but started gaining popularity throughout Catalonia during the 20th century. Music for the sardana is played by a cobla, a band consisting of … Continue reading Sardana, a traditional street dance


Horehronie or Upper Pohronie is a beautiful region that lies at the heart of Slovakia. Horehronie got its name thanks to the Hron River which flows through this area.  To Horehronie belongs the following towns and villages:  Banská Bystrica – the centre of Horehronie, Brezno , Bystra (Tale), Myto, Čierný Balog, Červená Skala, Donovaly, Heľpa, Brezno, Lopej, Krpáčovo, Nemecká, Podbrezová, Pohorelá, Pohorelská Maša, Polomka, Slovenská Ľupča, Staré Hory, Špania Dolina, Šumiac, Telgárt, Vaľkovňa, Závadka nad Hronom.  Horehronie is very popular among Slovaks and foreigners because of its beautiful nature and picturesque sceneries. There are several natural attractions there. The biggest … Continue reading Horehronie

Famous people

Jozef Murgaš Jozef Murgaš (1864 – 1929) – a Slovak inventor, architect, botanist, painter, and Roman Catholic priest. He contributed to wireless telegraphy and helped to develop mobile communication and wireless transmission of information and human voice. He studied theology in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica then he was accepted at a painting school in Budapest. He also studied painting in Munich while working as a curate. We can find his works in Lopej – a large sacral picture of St. George, the central altar painting of St. Elisabeth, in the 14th century Church of St. Elizabeth in the main square of Banská Bystrica. From 1896 he … Continue reading Famous people

Gastronomy of Slovakia

Gastronomy Slovak Cuisine When you ask someone in your surrounding about the traditional Slovak cuisine, many people stay confused:  – What? Slovak cuisine ? I´ve never heard about it. And this is a big shame. Slovakia, together with its historical monuments, cultural attractions and traditions, offers for tourists a great variety of traditional meals and drinks.  Although Slovak meals are cheap and easy to prepare, they are extremely delicious. It´s like spending the whole day at your grandparents. Tasty Slovak meals are served in most of the restaurants in Slovakia and all of them have strong rural roots.  Historically, Slovakia was a land … Continue reading Gastronomy of Slovakia

Troyes, the medieval city

Where is Troyes situated in France?   Our town is famous for its timber-framed houses or buildings, inherited from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Troyes is a  French commune, located in the department of Aube and in the Grand East region. It is the historic city of the Champagne area.  It represents 60750 inhabitants and is the seventh most populated commune of the region behind Colmar, but before Charleville-Mezière and Chalons in Champagne. It stands for the agglomeration community center of the great Troyes, that includes Le Grand Troyes,  19 municipalities et 129 349 inhabitants. Troyes is a famous … Continue reading Troyes, the medieval city